Watches that do more than just read time,

they give time.

Who are we?
Thoreson Watches makes and sells watches to sustainability fund and provide support for refugee families in need. We do this by paying tutors and mentors to invest and educate the children of the families and by paying mothers to sew the watch straps on.

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We believe there is no simple answer to the refugee crises in the world but we have decided it has to start locally, in relational and sustainable ways, and so that's what we are doing.

Our Story

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The Watches: How we exist
Made from Bamboo, laser engraved Pine, and Phoenix leather, our watches carry not only a powerful story, but a durable, and unique Build. We have tried many different styles until we finally perfected the Thoreson.
The children: why we exist
Thoreson Watches Exists to help refugees from every nation on all 6 of the human inhabited continents. We do that by making Watches.