This is Nini. The first mother we hired to sew the watch straps on. If you ordered a watch you have seen her face already but we wanted to share part of her story. Nini is an 18 year old mother of two, Hamid and Hadid. She is from Bangkok, Thailand and came over at a young age and was put into an American school without knowing any English! She loves her kids and her family and is excited to work on this project with us and make some extra money.


The cool thing about paying refugee mothers to sew the watch straps on, is that it equips them with ability to make money while being with their families. This increases the time they can invest into their kids and in-tern, the impact they have within their own homes. It also allows for extreme flexibility. Nini is able to sew when her children are down for a nap and able to break whenever they require her attention, truly giving her the flexibility every mother needs.

Nini has become very fast and efficient at sewing the watch straps. This has allowed her to spend less time sewing while still making the same amount of watches and the same amount of money. This type of model is something we want to share with other refugee mothers as well but need to grow a little more before we can reach out to others. So, spread the story, the story of hope coming to mothers just like Nini.