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A gift to our first supporters


If you are reading this than it is because you were part of the beginning, one of our first believers. You supported our passion when we needed help and believed in our story from the start. We wanted to thank you by giving you a gift, a living gift. The seed in the little plastic bag you received is a plantable, giant sunflower seed, and is intended to be planted. We want you to plant this seed and as you watch it grow, remember the story that you have been a part of, the story of thoreson watches. We are going to continue to help the refugee communities around our country and eventually, our world, and as we do, we wanted a way for our first believers to continue to be apart of it. So here, here is a giant sunflower, truly one of the most joyful flowers in the whole world. Now plant it and watch it grow!
Sowing instructions:

Sow seeds in soil bed and lightly press them into the soil. Keep soil evenly moist.

Water, Sun, and Soil:

Germinates best around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Needs soil with plenty of organic matter and good drainage.

Germination and Growth:

Germination occurs within 1-3 weeks. keep well-waters during hot, dry weather.

Any other questions let us know!

(we are no botanists but we know a thing or two about giant sunflowers!)